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Why aluminium is a great choice for bi-fold doors

Size and sightlines deliver more light

There aren’t many additions you could make to your home which would change it as much as a bi-fold door. Not only will it transform your home’s appearance, whether it’s opened or closed it will allow light to flood into your space, opening up your home to be interacted with in a different way.

While you may think of bi-fold doors as more of an external entryway, linking your indoors and outdoors, it is also possible to add them inside your home; for example, between your kitchen and living room.
As a big investment, it’s important that you get the right door for you and your needs and to ensure that they are built to last. Bi-fold doors are generally available in aluminium, timber and uPVC, but when it comes to aluminium, we feel the benefits far outweigh any other material. A big part of this is the size and the sightlines that can be achieved.


Bi-Fold Doors that are strong enough to cater for any size

Incredibly lightweight, aluminium is one of the most versatile building materials available for bi-folding doors. A key difference between aluminium and other materials is its innate strength, which enables it to support vast expanses of glass, with extremely sleek and slimline frames. This means that panels can be manufactured to a much larger size, and with fewer panels needed to fill an opening, there will be less frame to interrupt your view.

Because of its versatility, bi-folds made from aluminium can be manufactured to suit the most unique layouts. While timber and uPVC bi-fold doors can be custom-made, Origin aluminium bi-fold doors – made by our manufacturing partner – are always made to measure, to your exact specifications, and are made bespoke to fit your home.

Of course, there are some standard minimum and maximum dimensions, but the use of aluminium allows greater flexibility in manufacturing options – so even though your home might not be a one size-fits-all property, you can rest assured you won’t miss out on the opportunity to open up it up with bi-folds.
For a rough idea, a “standard” three door set of bi-folds would measure between:

2.5m-3.6m wide
2.1m-2.65m high


Bi-Folding Door sightlines which let you enjoy the view

A huge benefit of bi-fold doors is the level of light that they allow to flood into your space, so the larger the panes of glass, and the slimmer the frame, the better.

Sightlines relate to the amount of frame between each panel of glass – or how much of the unit you can see through. When the bi-folds are closed, a slimmer frame means that you are still able to enjoy a view which is virtually uninterrupted.
When compared to doors and windows made of uPVC and timber, aluminium bi-folds tend to achieve the slimmest sightlines available. The metal is so strong, it can support large, heavy glass panes, in narrower frames.


Bi-Fold Doors that cater for any style

Aluminium is a modern material, which can be powder-coated to look like wood, but with performance and durability standards that exceed both wood and uPVC. Visually, it offers a stunning finish while ensuring low maintenance, easy operation, and high levels of security to your bi-fold doors.

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