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Aluminium – Low maintenance and weather resistant

When you are thinking about adding large expanses of glass into your home, it’s only natural to question whether this will impact your heating bills and how much maintenance will be involved.

Reimagining your space and investing in changing your home shouldn’t come with any compromises. The large expanses of glass and light that the introduction of Origin Bi-fold or Sliding Doors will bring to your home will completely change the way you view and interact with your inside and outside space, all year round – no matter what the weather.

Maintaining aluminium Origin Bi-fold & Sliding Doors

Each frame in the Origin range comes with an industry-leading guarantee of up to 20 years – that’s how confident they are in the quality and finish of their products. This is made even better by needing very little effort from you in terms of maintenance; wipe down the frame and glass with a non-abrasive cloth and soapy water, and your doors will look as good as the day that you bought them.

If there is loose debris on the tracks, simply brush it away, to keep the doors’ smooth operation.


Whether your home enjoys a sea breeze, is out on the windy moors, or on a busy road, you can expect high levels of insulation from your bi-fold and sliding doors all year round. Sophisticated weathertight seals and U-Values which exceed the efficiency set by the government ensure that your home is at your desired temperature, no matter what the weather.

U-Values are very important when considering new installations, as they relate to the efficiency of the insulation of the material. The lower the U-Value, the more efficient the material is. At the time of writing, the current U-Value regulations are 1.8W/(m2K) if you are replacing an existing door, and 2.0 W/(m2K) when creating a new build or extension. At 1.32W/(m2K), Origin’s triple glazed units achieve U-Values well-below the government requirement.

 But aluminium is a metal, doesn’t it conduct heat? 

That’s right, it does! This is exactly what you don’t want in terms of keeping your home thermally efficient, which is why all Origin Bi-fold and Sliding Doors are fitted with thermal break barriers. These resist thermal transfer from the outside into your home. This is furthered through the addition of a polyamide thermal break, which separates the aluminium frame into outside and inside facing areas, by using a less conductive material in between.

Will bi-fold and sliding doors feel cold? 

In short, no. If you choose to purchase insulating bi-fold or sliding doors, the glass will not be cold, and you won’t lose heat. The U-Values associated with the doors is the best guide to this.

Aluminium is a modern material worked with by a company with state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques. You can be sure that aluminium Bi-fold and Sliding Doors from Origin are of the best quality and will require very little attention from you, other than the admiration of your view.

To find out more about Origin’s range of Bi-fold and Sliding Doors and how Hehku can create them bespoke to complement your home, please get in touch.

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