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Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors – perform best with professional installation

When you have invested in bi-fold doors, you will want them to perform to the highest standard so that you can enjoy them – trouble-free – for as long as possible. This is why choosing the right installer is so important – after all, you can have the best products, but if they are not installed correctly, then they won’t perform as well for you today or in the long run.


Bi-Fold Doors Professional specification and insight

From warranties to the effectiveness of operation and fit, there are many reasons to choose a professional to install your bi-fold doors.

Firstly, the bi-fold door installation is not something that everyone will have the technical knowledge or experience to fulfil, so it’s best to get input from a professional right from the point of order to ensure that you are getting the right sized doors for your home. If you already have an opening in place for bi-folds, or French doors, you will need to ensure that exact measurements are taken so that your new bi-fold doors can be custom made and fitted to fill your space. It will also be beneficial to talk through how the bi-folds will operate and fit into your living area – after all, an installer will have the unique point of view of doing this work all the time and may come up with ideas to enhance your project and how your new bi-fold doors function for you and your home.

If you do not have an opening created for bi-fold doors already, you will need to hire a professional builder to measure and create the opening, and to advise on whether any structural support is needed.


Bi-fold Door Warranties to cover every eventuality

While your bi-folds will be covered by a guarantee offered by the manufacturer, you will also need a warranty for the installation. This is because the fitting process is out of the manufacturer’s hands, and down to the installer.

If there is a malfunction with your bi-fold doors and it’s found that the products were fine, you will need to claim against the installation’s guarantee, so it’s best to choose not only a professional but one with a guarantee at a level that you are confident in.

When it comes to doors and windows, you will usually find that the glass is also covered by the installer’s warranty and that they handle your product’s guarantee with the manufacturer, so make sure that you are happy with what they have to offer and feel comfortable enough to go back to them if you do have any problems in the future.


The importance of installing your Bi-Fold Doors

With guarantees of up to 20-years offered on window and door manufacturer Origin Global’s products, it’s safe to say that you can view the purchase of bi-fold doors as a long-term commitment. Their placement in your home is something that you will want to be satisfied with today and in the future, so we would suggest that you are just as thorough when choosing the right installer for your bi-fold doors as you are with choosing the products.

Make sure that you find someone that you trust. Have you heard good things about the installer? Does their website look professional? Has their social media content mentioned experience with the bi-folds that you are choosing? How are their reviews?

Remember that if you have any problems in the future, they are going to be the people that you call, so it’s worth considering the installer’s role to be just as important as your choice of bi-fold doors.
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