Origin Bi-Folding Doors

Origin Bi-Folding Doors in Anthracite Grey

Project: Origin 4 Pane Bi-Folding Doors
Description: Bi-Fold doors designed & installed to a house in Epsom, Surrey
Clients: Mrs H
Location: Epsom, Surrey

Origin Bi-Fold Doors, in anthracite grey, were used to create a space that our clients can use all year round.  Origin Bi-Fold doors have enabled us to create a room with a view out over a beautiful garden, a lovely space to relax in.

Origin Bi-fold Doors are bespoke and manufactured in the UK.  They offer improved thermal efficiency and low maintenance.  Our clients were impressed with the quality of the Origin Bi-Folding Doors and the security they offer.  When asked what areas do you feel Hehku could improve on, they said, 'none'?

"Very happy with the feeling of freedom and of being in the open garden."

How did you select Hehku as your supplier?

Research on the internet by Son.  Hehku were recommended by ‘Which’.  Came out the best.

Why were you in the market for these products?

Downsizing houses (used to live in a 6-bedroom property) but felt it was still too small so needed extra space and light.

Has your new space improved your lifestyle?

Added much more useable space to live in.  More light, and space has been added but keeping that ‘homely’ feel.  Useable all year round.

Would you recommend Hehku to your friends and family?.

Yes, undoubtedly.  Very happy with the feeling of freedom and of being in the open garden.

Origin bi-folding doors
Origin bi-fold doors