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There has never been a better time than now to beautifully bathe your home in natural light. Creating a seamless transition from an everyday living space to the great outdoors is seen as the ultimate architectural design, both aesthetically and functionally. These rooms are created to form the hub of the home where you relax and socialise, and are lovingly designed to establish a visually stunning addition extension. Hehku Illuma add a completely unique dimension to the way your home looks and feels.

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Hehku Illuma luxury Orangeries are hand built and bespoke, therefore every Orangery extension our architectural designers create is unique. Our pioneering designs, unrivalled attention to service, vast experience and renowned reputation mean you can be sure that Hehku Illuma will offer you something truly different.

Our glazing materials of choice is aluminium as this delivers not only the most sublime finish, but the very highest quality. Whether added as a simple property extension or full Hehku project, this will perfectly compliment your home. Our Home Extension Concept Centre is located within 15 minutes of junction 6 of the M25, bordering West Sussex, London, Surrey and Kent, and the perfect environment to help you create a simply stunning addition to your home.

Traditionally, an Orangery was a brick or stone structure with large elements of glazing to the ‘walling’, and often quite ornate. They did not always have glazed features to the roof, and tended to be flat or a pitched design.

Today, modern Orangeries are usually attached to the house and whilst many still have some brick or stone walling, they are somewhat lighter and more spacious. This is largely due to the combination of glazed walls and one or more glazed lanterns. This can be either a flat roof or mansard sloping roof, both of which result in a light flooded living space. The idea is to create a seamless transition from the recreational ‘al fresco’ areas outdoors, to the more formal spaces within the home.

Glazed areas to the Orangery can be in the form of individual windows or sets of doors set into the walls. They must be carefully designed and positioned to ensure the orangery sits perfectly in relation to the existing house and garden areas.

Hehku Illuma Orangeries are creatively designed and attentively built, and are truly stunning extensions that will enhance any home. Ideally, contact us as early you can, as our experienced team of architectural designers can even help and advise you during planning stages. To find out more, give one of the Hehku team a call, or visit us at our purpose built Home Extension Concept Centre in East Grinstead, West Sussex.

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An 'Orangery' traditionally refers to a free standing building, built in the substantial grounds of a large country house. The concept of the Orangery dates back as early as 1545 to Italy, where it grew in popularity from the 17th to the 19th Centuries. It was originally intended to allow the Estate Owner the opportunity to grow Citrus trees such as Orange and Lemon trees, in an environment protected from the elements that might damage their existence, also allowing for the cultivation and preservation of exotic plants and herbs collected whilst on trips on the ‘Grand Tour’.

Orangeries were often ostentatious outward displays of the Wealth, Success, and Style for their owners and largely there for the appreciation of visiting friends. They allowed the display of collected plants and artefacts, and gave gravitas to the fact that the ‘Lord of the Manor’ was well travelled and educated in such matters. Interestingly, the ‘Wow Factor’ mattered just as much in the early days, as it does now.

Whilst there is still some demand for the traditional form of Orangery building, the modern take on the Orangery is clearly very different to that of the original. Orangeries are now considered as a true extension to the home, and often used as the kitchen or family room, and sometimes both. This magical ‘hub of the home’, or ‘Hehku’, where family and friends come together, is what we truly enjoy and excel in creating.

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Are you planning an Orangery or glazed home extension in the next few months? If you are, then take a look at a few of these key areas you need to consider. If you would like to find out more, then why not arrange a visit to our specialist Home Extension Concept Centre in West Sussex, and speak to one of our experienced surveyors and architectural designers.

Do you actually need planning permission?
Did you know that it’s often possible to build an Orangery or Conservatory without the need to apply for planning permission? ‘Permitted Development Rights’ are a general ‘Development Allowance’ usually granted by the local authority which means that you may well not need planning permission. This will of course be dependent on your plans for the project, and one of the many reasons why you would need to speak to one of the experienced designers at Hehku. For example, dependent on your project design and the property you are proposing to build upon, you will find that the extent of these rights varies and can be subject to change. You may also find they are limited by property type and whether or not your home is within a ‘designated area’.

Article 4 – Is it a problem?
In simple terms this directive restricts the scope of any permitted development rights. It allows the local authority to protect ‘designated areas’ such as conservation areas or homes that have multiple occupancy, that may otherwise have had normal permitted development rights in place.

Party wall agreement – Do you need one?
If you plan to build on or at the boundary of two properties, carry out work to an existing party wall or party structure, or if you are carrying out an excavation near to and below the foundation level of neighbouring buildings then you are likely to need a party wall agreement with your neighbour.

Listed building – Do you have one?
If the building has been judged to be of national importance in terms of architectural or historic interest then you are likely to know about it. However, this is not always the case and care should be taken in the event that you’re unsure. You can check your property deeds or contact your local planning authority for advice.

Conservation area – Are you in one?
Your home may be classed as a ‘designated area’ due to its special architectural and historic interest. This is probably the easiest area to overlook but it effectively protects these properties and areas from undesirable changes. If you are unsure as to whether this applies to your property, you can check with your local planning authority

Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and National Parks
– Do you live in one?
An AONB or National Park is an area designated as having high scenic quality and it is therefore protected. We often work with clients whose home will fall into one or other of these areas. They are protected under the National Park and Access to the Countryside Act amongst others.

General advice.
Your local authority planning department is always a good source of information and much of the advice may be offered free of charge. However, it is now becoming more common for charges to be levied by the Local Authority and they will vary from one authority to another. Another good source of information is the UK Government Planning Portal

With their extensive experience our Hehku Illuma Architectural Designers are also well placed to offer you solid advice surrounding Orangeries, Conservatories and Extensions incorporating roof lanterns and bi-folding or sliding doors. In certain situations our clients will also opt for our comprehensive ‘Scheme Proposal’ service which will ensure we manage all aspects of these applications for you including full planning and building regulations approval if required. Why not speak to a Hehku specialist if you think any of the above issues might affect you, or if you are uncertain about any aspects surrounding Planning for your project.


The materials used today for Orangery construction can now be as varied as the design of the building itself. Historically Orangeries were usually constructed of brick or stone. Timber or steel was used for the joinery of the windows and doors, and of course glass to allow the transmission of light into the building.

Since then, significant advances have been made in modern construction techniques, and now allow a multitude of material combinations to be employed. Whilst the ‘hard materials’ usually remain as brick, stone, or block and render, it is not uncommon to find Oak, Engineered Hardwood, Aluminium, and UPVc being utilised for some, or all of the joinery applications and detailing.

Also, by utilising the very latest glass technology, at Hehku Illuma we are able to design and create a solution that will enable you to use your Orangery every single day of the year. These techniques all contribute to allow us to build beautiful bespoke Orangeries that achieve the ‘Wow Factor’. Whether you are looking for Traditional or Contemporary, or of a Modernist/Minimalist persuasion, you can be sure your project will truly fulfil its function whilst reflecting your individual style and personality.

Why not visit our Home Extension Concept Centre in East Grinstead where you will be able to view a wide range of options, and discuss ideas, including planning, with one of our team of experts?

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The Hehku team offer a considerable number of glazing options for Orangery home extensions, and there are a number of factors that may influence your choice of specification. Some of the details to be considered are:

  • The size of the room or extension
  • Room location and aspect (North, South etc)
  • The specific area of glazing in the walls and roof
  • Is the room being opened up to the house without any physical barrier at the host wall?
  • Is solar heat required and/or insulation needs?
  • Is additional security needed?

Glazing manufacturers now offer many solutions that will cope with most situations, providing incredible thermal insulation values, reductions in the harmful effects from the sun on soft furnishings, improved soundproofing and additional security. These benefits can be achieved irrespective of the glass sizes, and so there is little or no compromise to the design as a result.

soundproofing and additional security. These benefits can be achieved irrespective of the glass sizes, and so there is little or no compromise to the design as a result.

At Hehku Illuma, our high quality glass offers these features.

  • A range of tint levels
  • Reflective coating
  • Tinted and coated - absorbs and reflects heat to keep cool in the Summer and warm in the winter
  • Incredibly high thermal efficiency

At Hehku, we can talk through exactly what your requirements are and create a perfect glazing solution. Feel free to get in touch with one of our specialists or visit us at our purpose built Home Extension Concept Centre in East Grinstead, West Sussex.

modern orangery
traditional orangery
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Alternative roofing materials have brought a new dimension to the installation and cost elements of a bespoke orangery home extension, and can be carried out in glass, traditional lead work, synthetic EPDM, glass fibre, or slate or clay tiles. Each design option has its own set of virtues and the final choice will often be a matter of personal taste and aesthetics of the design. From an aluminium roof lantern to a mansard roof, whatever you require, Hehku will create a design for you.

traditional orangery lantern
traditional orangery skylight



Size: 4m projection by 9.6m wide
Style: Contemporary
Finish: External walls Rendered finish, Bifold doors Anthracite grey Aluminium,
Lantern Anthracite grey outside white inside all glazing “A” rated (argon filled), flat roof finish Kemporol
Landscaping: Patio 7m x 3m and steps all in Granite slabs
Weeks to complete: 16 weeks
Completion date: November 2013
Guide price: Circa £80,000

From day one, our highly skilled Hehku Illuma workforce are driven to ensure the whole process is as slick, safe, and enjoyable for the client, with minimal disruption. A major part of this is ensuring the work area is always left tidy and 100% secure before the team leave at the end of each day.

Our clients were absolutely delighted with their Orangery which was purpose built for dining and entertaining. The slick build lead times were adhered to, ensuring they enjoyed their first Christmas in their additional space. The Illuma Orangery brought the whole family together into a large living space. Dinner parties with friends are perfectly placed within the home, with views out onto the lawns through the aluminium bi-folding doors, with the expanse of the lantern maximising natural light within their home.

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A Hehku Aluminium Orangery, Hehku Hardwood Orangery and a Hehku Oak Orangery all share one key characteristic - they are constructed using the very finest materials available. Our premium grade materials are carefully selected for every client to ensure the highest standards of durability, stability and of course, aesthetics. Whether it be cool contemporary aluminium, traditional oak or classic hardwood we will have a first class material to create your transformational living space.


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Hehku also supply and install a stunning range of Hardwood Orangeries for clients seeking a more traditional style. Hehku Hardwood Orangeries comprise of hardwood windows, hardwood doors, hardwood bi-fold doors and hardwood roof lanterns. Our craftsmen hand select and work premium grade idigbo and sapele timbers amongst others to produce highly durable bespoke joinery. Age old joinery techniques converge with modern day CNC machining processes to shape simply stunning glazed extensions. Over 90% of our projects see this material in a beautiful painted finish with a smaller proportion being stained. Get in touch for more details.

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Hehku have specialist capability in the design of oak frame orangeries. A Hehku Oak Orangery is still a hardwood but will rarely be painted. Our oak windows, oak doors, oak bi-fold doors and oak roof lanterns will receive a treatment or sometimes a light stain to further enhance its natural grain and beauty. Whilst still considered a traditional material, Hehku Oak can also be inset with architectural aluminium glazing to create a contemporary orangery. Wherever possible Hehku hardwoods are sourced sustainably from suppliers with FSC accreditation. Get in touch for more details.

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Hehku architectural aluminium comes in various forms including aluminium windows, aluminium doors, aluminium bi-folds, aluminium sliding doors, aluminium gables and aluminium roof lanterns. Our premium grade aluminium is incredibly strong and lightweight, and offers wonderfully slim sightlines which give you more glazing, and truly bringing the outside in. This really is the ultimate material for creating that contemporary or modern orangery.


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Hehku construction specialises in groundwork, building work and finishing trades for Orangeries, Conservatories, Glazed Extensions and Garden Rooms. Whilst we prefer to offer our clients a complete project management solution we regularly work alongside our client’s existing architects and builders to deliver their projects on time and on budget. We also interact with the local authorities (such as building control) on your behalf to ensure the work is completed in compliance with building regulations.

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Our Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) or Hehku Fibreglass is our preferred system for providing a highly versatile, robust and waterproof roof system. Of course there are other traditional methods of creating flat roofs but the suitability of GRP for complex layouts and the extensive range of colour options makes this material the perfect choice for orangeries. The guarantees for GRP are exceptional and begin at 20 years.

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The supply chain for Hehku Illuma Orangeries whether product or service orientated must meet stringent standards which include manufacturing excellence, commitment to innovation and complete dedication to Hehku and our clients. We take pride in building strong and lasting relationships with the right people and businesses, providing a fully managed partial or turnkey solution for our client’s projects.




We provide comprehensive guarantees for our products and workmanship but it’s always nice to have that extra backup in the unlikely event of a problem arising. We ensure that our complete supply chain also provides guarantees for its products and services giving our clients complete peace of mind.



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