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Premium Grade Aluminium Windows

The hehku aluminium window range offers the very best blend of style, sophistication and security. Ideal for both traditional and modern homes. We have built great partnerships with the finest manufacturers of windows to offer you a great choice of quality products. With authenticity at its very heart, our timeless design works seamlessly with modern projects, but also older townhouse properties and developments in conservation areas. Bespoke hehku windows give that perfect finishing touch.

Doors and Windows by Origin
The Origin Window range consists of two options - the OW-70 and the OW-80. Both stunningly designed and exceptionally finished, the key difference between the two systems is the sightlines.

Both are completely bespoke to your requirements which gives you the freedom to customise your window to perfectly complement your needs. What’s more, with uncompromising security features, your home will stay safe whatever option you choose. Like all Origin products, they are guaranteed for up to 20-years, so you can relax knowing that your windows will last for years to come.

Windows Frame Premium

The Origin Premium
Window (OW-80)

Modernising the design of traditional 19th Century timber windows, the Origin Premium Window is a highly durable and functional solution that’s perfect for the 21st Century.

Windows Frame Slimline

The Origin Slimline
Window (OW-70)

Beautiful, elegant and simplistic, the Origin Slimline Window is designed for spaces where maximising glass and light is essential with an impressive 65mm frame.

Windows Supply and Fitting
Windows Delivery and Installation
Windows with Juliet Balcony

Windows and Doors Air Accredited
The Heritage 47 aluminium window has a slim frame to let in more light and provide strength and durability that lasts and lasts.

High Security Locking

​polyamide Thermal Break Technology For Better Insulation

Typical U Value 1.5 Wm2k

Durable Stainless Steel Easy Glide Hinge

10 Year Guarantee

Window Styles

Windows are completely bespoke to our customer’s specification and requirements and manufactured to exact sizes. We are also able to provide a wide range of window styles and configurations including standard windows, fixed sashes, bay windows and shaped gable end windows.

Why Aluminium Window Frames?

Aluminium is Hehku’s material of choice because of its strength, durability and longevity. When considering investing in a new window system, frame material and strength should be a huge consideration. Aluminium combines durability and strength with a lightweight structure, meaning it’s extremely robust yet weighs up to 67% less than steel. These properties makes aluminium the ideal material for visually stunning, simple to use and highly secure windows.

Robust Window Handles

The handle is extremely important. Whilst blending reliability with functionality, they must also combine tasteful aesthetics and real-world ergonomics.

That’s why handles are given the same attention to detail as every other component. Window handles are also able to be colour coded to match the frame - a feature unique in the industry.

Whether in premium stainless steel or one of the colour-coordinated options, you can be sure of a contemporary handle offering the same faultless service as the windows themselves.

Window Frame Colour Options

Tough Colour Coating

All sliding doors are available in a huge range of RAL colours and an easy to clean, dirt and scratch resistant finish. With all this choice and the scope to have doors with different colours inside and out, with Hehku your options are virtually limitless.

Window Frame Colour Charts

Secure Windows by Design

Aluminium windows are not just beautifully designed, but also incredibly secure.

We understand that security is essential. All windows are extensively tested ensuring we offer a truly secure window system.

Secure Aluminium Windows
Thermally Efficient Windows

Thermally Efficient Windows

All windows have been designed to keep a home cosy when it’s cold, and cool when it’s hot. They feature advanced weather seals achieving low U-Value ratings keeping the elements at bay.  All windows meet British Building Regulation requirements for optimum efficiency, achieving great window ratings, so your energy bills stay low.

Ultimate Peace of Mind

Investing in aluminium windows and doors is probably a once in a lifetime event, so it is important to make the right decision. We are so confident in the quality and build in the range of products we offer; our manufacturer guarantees are up to 25 years.

Aluminium Windows High Quality

Aluminium Windows 20 Year Guarantee